Here are 4 steps on how to Join the Noggin Network? 


     Contact us or schedule a time to get each of the 3 groups explained in detail for your business

1: Contact the Noggin Network and schedule a time to get yourself or business vetted as a potential Referral, Consulting, and Service provider. Noggin Network group options include 1: Refer Partner - You can refer potential friends/ clients you would be a Referral Partner and get paid 10% referral fees for sending us clients that need professional services to help their businesses scale/ grow in retail industries or online businesses in any industry. Option 2: Consulting Group is our Consulting Partners and they meet with referred clients from Referral Partners. You would get paid to meet with these clients to best understand if these clients are scalable and are able to be sent to Group 3 the Service Partner Group which is once you sign work contracts and provide Consulting services to the referred clients to see how to best scale their business. The Consulting Group partners pay 20% referral fees back to the Noggin Network for the length of the consulting contracts. Option 3: Service Partners provide their professional services to scale the referred clients from the Consulting Group partners. For receiving professionally Consulted clients you pay 30% referral fees for the length of the work contracts.

2: After you have been vetted as a partner into 1 or all 3 of the groups then you schedule a time to work with someone in Group 2 the Consulting Group Partners and they train you or your employees on how to work with our Referral Group Partners as you will be communicating with them often to help them in their sales/ referral process.  Depending if you are a Referral Group Partner you will then want to talk to us about whom to connect with as a Consulting Group Partner to catch your Referrals you send into the Network. If you are a Consulting Group Partner you will want to talk to us about whom to connect with a Referral Partner locally or wherever you would like to receive referrals.

3: Once you have joined a group or all groups in our network then you will need to sign up with our software provider to have the best referral software and success coaches to help you at any point during the referral marketing process. With our unique software, you are working with the best referral marketers and you have the dashboard to the most powerful referral marketing program on the world. 


4: Look below and see which of these services you would like to perform OR receive business/ leads from?

Group 1:

Referral Partners

* You have clients/ connections you can refer into the Noggin Network


* You want to find other potential clients or connections to refer into the Noggin Network to help them grow their businesses.


* Keep growing your business for years to come! 

Group 2:

Consulting Partners

* Partner with us as Consulting Partners and get Referred clients from our Referral Partners.


*You signed paid Consulting contracts and you work with our Referred potential clients.


* Your Consulting services decide how these referred clients will be then scaled in the Noggin Network. 

* Grow your business to new levels! 

Group 3:

Service Partners

* Get pre-qualified clients sent to you every month from our Consulting Partners.


* Get paid directly by the client 


* Work with our Referral and Consulting partners to optimize your referral process as slow or as fast as you want to scale your agency.


* Never look for clients again 


* Grow your business to new levels! 

Noggin Network 3 Group Pitch

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Noggin Network - Software Pitch Visual

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Step by Step of how to

Join the Noggin Network