Service Partner Opportunities

Group 4

You are utilizing Noggin Networks software as a service partner to build your professional service business. For being a signed Noggin Network service partner you have the most powerful CRM, marketing & sales, merchant processing, funding, and referral payment software to scale your business. You also get assigned a success manager for a one-time payment of $399 and $65/ month. Our referral partners and consultants have worked with the clients before they come to your business to save time, money on your end. You sign service contracts and keep 70% and then our software refers the 30% into the network.

To be a Service Partner in the Noggin Network means you are a signed partner and you receive pre-qualified clients from our consulting partners. When a consulting partner sends you clients they have gone through an extensive process to best scale these businesses. Our service providing partners perform the professional services to best scale the referred client's businesses in retail & online growth. For being a service providing partner you send 30% referral fees back to the Noggin Network for the length of the service contracts.

Types of Industries and Businesses: 

Banks, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Construction, Lawyers, Plumbing, Electrical, Marketing, Photography, Advertising, Credit Card Processing, Screen Printing, Landscaping, Dentists, Hair Stylists, Massage, Accountants, Chambers of Commerce, Associations, Grass Roots Alliances, Churches, etc.

Service Partner Opportunities


Payment Options

Network Software

Success Manager 

Group 4

* Get pre-qualified clients sent to you every month from our consulting partners.


* Work with our referral and consulting partners to optimize your referral process as slow or as fast as you want to scale your agency.


* Never look for clients again.


* Grow your business to new levels! 

* Get paid 70% of all signed service contracts.