How it all works

My name is Michael James and I am a change agent and entrepreneur.


I have created a new and unique twist on an existing business model and supporting software to support a massive business referral network where everyone truly wins. Through this business model and supporting software, we create greater wealth, health and success for individuals, businesses, organizations and the global economy.


As a businessman, I know first hand what it’s like to wonder where (and when) the next client or contract will come from. As a consultant, I’ve heard this same question asked numerous times from other business owners. Also, I’ve witnessed businesses with great products or services struggle because they didn’t have the strategy, resources, or support they needed to succeed.


What if there was a way to take the stress, struggle, and guesswork out of the equation so that you can focus on running your enterprise and doing what you do best instead of being distracted by worry and concern?


My solution is the Noggin Network, a worldwide referral network of businesses and highly talented service providers that help one another thrive.

What sets the Noggin Network apart from other networking groups?


- All Noggin Network partners are extensively qualified for their expertise and integrity. We work with the top individuals and businesses in their industries all over the world.

- We are a global network

- We value relationships and support one another to succeed

- There are three ways to join the Noggin Network

- We have unique software and business model that can operate in 195 countries. Guaranteed. 

- Our referral fees are bigger, ongoing and provide more value to your connections. Guaranteed. 

- There are more benefits for membership

- Once your referral has gone through Noggin Network’s process and grown their business (in employees, revenue, locations), that growth goes back to you in the form of increased business opportunities and additional clients.