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You are utilizing Noggin Networks software as a referral partner to build your referral business. For being a signed Noggin Network referral partner you have the most powerful CRM, marketing & sales, merchant processing, funding, and referral payment software to scale your business. You also get assigned a success manager for a one-time payment of $399 and $65/ month. For every signed consulting contract you receive 10% of the ongoing contract as a referral fee. When consultants refer your client and our group 3 service partners sign a service contract you also receive 10% for the length of each service contract signed.

To be a Referral Partner in the Noggin Network means you are a signed partner and you refer friends, clients, anyone you know, or meet that may need business or professional services. For being a referral partner you will receive 10% referral fees for the length of signed work contracts with each client from our consulting partners. For being a Referral Partner you also receive ongoing referral fees from our group 3 service providers! 

Types of Industries or Businesses you can refer to the Noggin Network: 

Banks, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Construction, Lawyers, Plumbing, Electrical, Marketing, Photography, Advertising, Credit Card Processing, Screen Printing, Landscaping, Dentists, Hairstylists, Massage, Accountants, Chambers of Commerce, Associations, Grass Roots Alliances, Churches, etc.


Referral Partner Opportunities


Payment Options

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Success Manager 

Group 2

* You have friends or clients/ connections you can refer to the Noggin Network to help them scale the business they work at or the businesses they own.


* You want to find other potential clients or connections to refer to the Noggin Network to help them grow their businesses.


* Keep growing your business for years to come off of recurring referral fees! 

* Receive 10% referral fees for the length of consulting + service contracts with each client referred and signed.