Consulting Partner Opportunities

Group 3

You are utilizing Noggin Networks software as a consulting partner to build your consulting business. For being a signed Noggin Network consulting partner you have the most powerful CRM, marketing & sales, merchant processing, funding and referral payment software to scale your business. You also get assigned a success manager for a one time payment of $399 and $65/ month. Our referral partners send your business your next best consulting clients. You sign work consulting contracts and keep 80% and then our software refers the 20% into the network. Consultants win again in our network when you refer your client and our group 3 service partners signs a service contract you also receive 10% for the length of each service contract signed.

To be a Consulting Partner in the Noggin Network means you are a signed partner and you receive referrals from our referral partners. When a referral partner sends you potential clients you are going through a discovery/ consulting process to best understand how to scale this business for large growth. Your consulting process may take 1 week, 1 month, 1 year and you will send a 20% referral fee for the length of signed work contracts.

Types of Industries or Businesses: 

Bankers, Insurance Agents, Accountants, Marketing, Advertising, Real Estate, A lot of different sales jobs as they go into businesses a lot and qualify what the business needs.

Consulting Partner



Payment Options

Referral Software

Success Manager

Group 3

* Partner with us as consulting partners and get referred clients from our referral partners.


*You signed paid consulting contracts paid by clients and you work with our referred potential clients.


* Your consulting services decide how these referred clients will be then scaled into group 3 service providers to scale the clients' business. 

* Grow your business to new levels! 

* Get paid 80% of each signed work contract.